Visa Cancellations and Refusals

Visa Cancellations and Refusals

Visa Cancellations

Under Australian migration law there are various visa cancellation powers available to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection when he is considering cancelling an Australian visa.

Which cancellation power will be used, and the processes that attach to the cancelling of the relevant visa, will depend on the subclass of visa being considered for cancellation and your personal circumstances leading to the DIBP taking action to cancel the visa.

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Visa Refusals

The law behind Australian visa applications is very complex and much of the complexity is not dealt with by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s website. Visa applicants are encouraged to use the online DIBP ‘Visa Wizard’ to find the right visa for them and to then lodge online without any assistance from an immigration lawyer. Unfortunately, this often leads to applicant’s getting their visas refused for having met certain criteria they were not ever made aware of. If any criterion set for visa approval is not met, the visa application must be refused. It is that simple.

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