Protection visa (subclass 866) – How an Immigration Lawyer in Sydney Can Help

Protection visa (subclass 866) – How an Immigration Lawyer in Sydney Can Help - TCI Lawyers

If you are in Australia and wish to request for asylum or protection under its Refugee and Humanitarian program, there is one visa pathway under which people onshore can apply – protection visa subclass 866. We’ve discussed in length the benefits of consulting an immigration lawyer in Sydney for professional assistance when it comes to visa applications whether for work, study or holiday. For this particular visa, the kind of help you can get from a registered immigration lawyer in Sydney can prove to be more invaluable.

As it is with all the other visas, there are specific criteria that the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol are looking for, for an individual to be eligible to receive a protection visa subclass 866. Part of the reason why working with an immigration lawyer in Sydney is critical, is the ability to show the department that you qualify for protection or asylum. The criteria or requirements are as follows:

  • You have to be in Australia when lodging the application.
  • You have to pass the character and security checks.
  • You have to meet the criteria that defines you are a refugee under the Refugees Convention
  • You have to undergo the required healthy examinations and lastly,
  • You have to sign the Australian Values Statement

Meeting the above criteria makes you eligible to apply for a Protection visa Subclass 866 in Australia and affords you the right to reside and work in the country as a permanent resident with the following benefits:

  • Indefinitely reside in the country
  • Find gainful employment or pursue an education in the country
  • Qualify for Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses or Medicare
  • The right to apply for an Australian citizenship when eligible
  • Sponsor eligible family members for permanent residence status
  • Travel in and out of the country for a minimum of five years from the time the protection visa subclass 866 is granted

If you think you are eligible to apply under this specific Australian visa, it is imperative that you consult an immigration lawyer in Sydney to get the best possible advice and to get the right kind of assistance in going through the application process. Doing so would increase the chances of a positive outcome provided all criteria is legitimately met and all requirements are provided to the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol.